Supporting Clinica Esperanza's mission to provide quality healthcare to the people of Roatan.

Bay Islands Community Healthcare Assocation Board


Dr. Krista Brucker, President of BICHA on Roatan volunteering with Community Outreach

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                     Krista Brucker, President

                     Steve Harnden, Vice-President

                     Nick Tocco, Treasurer

        Stephanie Long-Phillips, Secretary

                     Amy Kiraly, Director


Bay Island Community Healthcare Association is looking forward to an active year.  The clinic now serves as the primary healthcare provider for more than 10,000 island and that number is growing.  The new birthing and pediatrics inpatient center is a terrific addition to the walk in clinic.  The clinic continues to work with volunteers, mission trips, visiting doctors, and sponsors to build the services offered to the people on the island.  The Board of BICHA is very proud to be a part of the work being done by Clinica Esperanza.




The New Promotora Program
Clinica Esperanza has worked diligently to understand the healthcare requirements of the people of Roatan.  Many people do not have access to medical care due to lack of knowledge, transportation and distance.  There are many groups of people living far from the main road, without any form of public or private transportation.  Public Health volunteer Dr. Angela Lloyd and Jennifer Scheffler, RN both spent a significant time this past year in helping Clinica Esperanza evaluate some community healthcare needs and formulate a program in which Clinica Esperanza could best benefit these communities.  
Our “Promotora” program will link Roatan’s remote communities to the clinic.  A promotora is a liaison that provides health information to his or her community, while also being on the look-out for at-risk people needing assistance. They often are the advocate, educator, mentor, outreach worker, role model and “eyes” of the clinic in the community.
We have a part-time director and have begun training five community promatoras. Since the promotoras know their neighbors, they already have a grasp of many of the community healthcare issues.  The program will focus first on mothers of children under six years of age. Assessments will include height, weight and head circumference to document healthy growth. Our plan is for them to also work with the schools to promote health education and wellness with teaching and distribution of vitamins to the school children. 

Some of the foundation work has been started with our oral health program, in conjunction with the Ministry or Health and the Colgate Palmolive Company. In addition, we have undertaken eye examinations of all school age children thanks to other dedicated volunteers.   Promatoras will be taught to recognize children with fever, breathing problems, dehydration, diarrhea, and skin infections.  Future expansion will include monitoring and education of adults with hypertension and diabetes.  While promotoras can not treat a patient, they will educate and refer patients when necessary to the Clinic.
Our thanks go to the Rotary Club of Roatan for providing funds for education and start-up supplies for the promatoras.  Ongoing funding will be provided by the respective communities in conjunction with local businesses, which are still being sought. The promatoras will be paid a minimal stipend for their work, which amounts to about eight hours a week.  Our goal is to increase the funding from the community, and decrease the need outside funding.